This is an excerpt from The Alzheimer’s Diary, by Joan Sutton available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, or your favorite book store.

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By now, most people recognize that the stages of grief that are based on the Kubler-Ross model of how the dying encounter death are not a map.  Each of us walks the lonely road of mourning loss in our own way.  Still,  when you are overcome with anger, restlessness or loneliness, it is helpful to know that others too have been down  this path, and have managed to reach a place of healing.

But there is one aspect of grief that no one talks about it, because it isn’t “nice”.  Listings  of the stages don’t mention it. It’s not ennobling, it’s not romantic, it’s just plain unattractive. In this world where words are so often used to cloak  the truth — (no one lies, anymore, they just “misspeak”) — the tendency would be to soften what I am about to say.

But, let’s be blunt and admit it, some part…

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