Sutton's Place

I have to remind myself that our love did  not always exist.
Somehow I lived without it. I was content in my acceptance that this would be life: children, cat, dog, friends, work—a lot—but not love.
But love began. It started as a flame and then expanded, enveloped, became an integral part of my life, woven into my days and nights.
How quickly we take things for granted. How foolish.
Death came, and life was interrupted.
But not love.
Love is more powerful than life.
What once did not exist now has no end.
What began as an emotional strike of lightning Is now a perfect circle,
Not dependent on breath, life, presence. It just is.
I loved.
And I was loved.
How I was loved.
Lucky me,
To have known you,
To have been known by you. Lucky, lucky me.

Endless Love is an excerpt from The…

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