let there be light!  At 3:45 yesterday, October 31st, we finally had
power………its been a saga.  Lost all power about 8 pm Monday.  Looking
down then at the FDR, it was a river — I am not talking about a wet street,
but deep, fast moving water, covering the whole drive as far as the eye
could see..it was just all the EAst River …….I swear the building
shook….when the wind hit the corners everything just seemed to crack, and
I am now told that the pool on the roof broke and flooded the penthouse, so
I guess that wasn’t  my imagination.  Nothing to do but go to bed, so to
bed….in the middle of the night, I woke up to the reality of it, went to
the door, opened it, to completely dark hallways……wondered whether we
were the only ones on the 46th floor and must confess to a rare moment of
panic…almost claustrophobic…..tossed and turned the rest of the
night…woke up in the morning (Tuesday) to complete silence….there is
always a hum here but not a sound…..and not a light for miles……no
cars, nothing on the river……like a sci fi film…..are we the only ones
left on the planet?  Opened the door to my two neightbours — he is the
Serbian ambassador to the UN, the lady next door works for the Secretary
General…..people! conversation! how little it takes to make me
happy……thought I could get Brewster to do his biz in the stairwell but,
even though there is a post in there painted red, he wasn’t having anything
to do with a dark stairwell….Just then, another door opened….we have
newlyweds on the floor, a young couple from Texas, attractive in every
way….he came bounding over, full of excitement and said he would walk
Brewster down and up the 46 flights!  Sir Galahad……fortunately Oscar is
sleeping about sixteen hours a day now, but when he was awake he was
confused by the change in his routine…..no other caregiver except me,
unable to give him a shower, (no water)…..We were able to have breakfast
and lunch, …the gas burners worked, and I had filled all kinds of pots
with water in advance……managed lunch, kept in touch with deb by
cellphone several times, but didn’tcall anyone else as I was trying to
reserve the cellpower on the phone in case of a REAL emergency…….the day
went by, so slowly, read from my kindle…….until it was dark.  Then the
news that the service elevator was working and the arrival of a friend, who,
unable to reach me by phone walked over, talked herself past the concierge
into the service elevator — she is 84 and somewhat wobbly on her own feet,
so i was greatly touched by this gesture of concern and love — invited my
two neighbours in to join us — the ambassador was still in his
bathrobe….set out candles, and we had drinks and eli’s cheese biscuits in
the surrounding dark……..and then, all quiet as everyone went back to
their various beds.  This morning, gene arrived….he was able to get a
shared taxi from Queen’s, and we had cold water……….then hot
water,,,,,then the lights in the halls came on, so I could go and sit on the
floor and charge my phone in the outlets the building uses for vacuum
cleaners…..went out for a long walk as I was stir crazy……came back to
LIGHTS!  I think we’ve had the cameras and the action…..lost a lot of food
in the refrigerator/freezer and very very tired but all is well and
tomorrow, as they say, is another day.  Thank you all for your messages and
concern……love joan.